lunedì, marzo 13, 2006

Coniugatore di verbi

giovedì, marzo 09, 2006

Validatori di accessibilità

dati su Internet e sugli utenti della rete
Internet Usage Statistics - World Internet Users and Population Stats
dati su numero server, domini, ecc. anche andamento storico
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (ISC) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to supporting the infrastructure of the universal connected self-organizing Internet—and the autonomy of its participants—by developing and maintaining core production quality software, protocols, and operations.

in particolare
ISC Internet Domain Survey
The Domain Survey attempts to discover every host on the Internet by doing a complete search of the Domain Name System.

ua's Index of Net Surveys (includes a survey counting the number of people "online")
Matrix Information and Directory Services
European Host Count Statistics
GVU Center's WWW User Survey
Telcordia Technologies NetSizer
Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis
Growth of the World Wide Web (through 1996)
The Internet Society
Men & Mice Domain Health Survey